Beautiful Hill City, SD

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Yesterday, we moved from Custer to Hill City, SD.  The problem with going to popular places during the summer is that RV campgrounds tend to fill up early.  Therefore, we had to move 10 miles down the road after 2 days at Custer Crazy Horse Campground.  We found a great little campground called Creekside Mountain Resort to stay at for the next 3 days while we explore this beautiful part of South Dakota.  Hill City is a great location.  It is known as the Heart of the Hills and close to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park.  It is a funky little town full of unique gift shops, galleries, wineries, microbreweries, restaurants and hotels.  John and I loved poking around in this cute little town.

You can see Iron Star in the middle of the town. It was created by John Lopez and made to match the dimensions of his uncle’s horse “Frenchman’s Mr. Tough”. This sculpture is made of a combination of sheet metal, truck shocks, shovels, chains and more.


John attempted to cause a ruckus at Skeeters Pub.


He got put in jail instead.

John finally found Bigfoot.

The town of Hill City is so charming!


We found sign shop to make us a sign. It turned out great!

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