Is it really Hidden?

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It was time to leave our lakefront site for another campground.  Our next campground was in Frisco on Lake Lewisville called Hidden Cove Park and Marina.  We had no problem driving to the campground.  People mainly stayed out of way.  Probably because we were so big!  Or was it because we were so slow?

We made it to the campground and realized that the spots were so tight.  We found our spot but had to wait for another camper to back into his site.  The other camper backed into his spot in one graceful swoop.  We thought, "we could do this!"  Third time's a charm, right?  When it was our turn, John pulled up and started backing in.  It was not going so great.  I finally approached the other camper and asked him for help.  He had to back in for us.  Sigh...

Hidden Coves is not as pretty as Twin Coves.  There are lots of trees around and there is space between the sites but everywhere you looked are other RVs.  Although it was on the lake, there are no lake views to be found.  It might have been because it was the weekend but the campground was full.  John and I decided we need to see what it takes to boondock.  We've become hermits.

We're still loving this life, though.  Each day is a new adventure.


We are going to master backing in...someday...


I love the outdoors!


I love this chair!


John & Panda talking about life, while Grizzly stares at the neighbors.


We found the lake!


So much fun!

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  1. John will get the backing down. It just takes practice, practice and more practice. The first time I had to just drive our 34’ Motorhome with a trailer was really stressful, but I did it. I was just glad Carl had to park it! ? We enjoy staying in our MH, but I understand the storage issue. We bought a 26’ enclosed trailer to pull behind the MH. It has my outdoor TV and kitchen stuff in it. ?

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