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We left Medina Lake and made our way south to South Padre Island, which was where we were headed.  We decided to cut our trip short and stop in Kingsville for the night.  We stayed at Nature's Own RV Resort.  It was a great little park to stay for the night.  It was clean and the people were really friendly.  We started breaking down and hooking the RV to the truck the next morning so we can have plenty of time for sunbathing at South Padre.  John started to put the bedroom slide in and it wouldn't go in!  He tried it a few times.  It would go in a couple of inches and then stop.  Well, this was a fiasco!  You wouldn't think something would break so soon on a brand new 2021 RV!  Luckily, the camp host told him that a mobile RV technician just registered that morning.  How lucky was that!  She came and diagnosed the problem and said that one of the motors on the slide was burnt out.
She was able to disengage the motors and we had to manually push the slide in.  It was a pain in the a** that we definitely didn't need, especially in a brand new RV.  Isn't this why you buy new?  We decided to continue on our journey to South Padre and deal with it later.  We wanted our fun in the sun!  The burnt out motor is definitely not something we were happy about, but it could have been worse.  I told John that if we were in a house, we'd have to deal with something breaking down also.  Things breaking down is something we won't be able to get away from.

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