Last Day in Spain

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Today was our last day in Spain. We have a morning flight out of Madrid the next day so we decided to spend our last day there. This morning, we went to the train station and rode the Renfe train back.

After a bit of rest in our room we went to dinner. Although we were in Spain, we wanted something other than Spanish food. We settled on Brazilian and ate at Mu! El Placer De La Carne. John loved it.  It was good but I found the meat a little fatty.

There was one thing I wanted to do while in Spain that we haven't done yet. I wanted to go to a Flamenco dance. We went to Corral de la Morería. We loved it. It was type of dance which is a combination of Arabic, Indian, Gypsy and Spanish. It was a very emotional and expressive dance. We thought it was wonderful. Definitely a must see in Spain. A great way to end our Spanish adventure.

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Everywhere we went in Madrid, we kept coming back to this guy. John had to tell him goodbye.

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