Pismo Beach

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We left Zack at Cal Poly and made our way back to Dallas via the San Luis Obispo airport.  We went against our philosophy and actually paid for an airline ticket.  We made an exception this time around because we wanted to fly into San Luis Obispo and Southwest did not fly there.  It was actually a good thing because the flight was oversold and they were asking for volunteers.  Since we didn't have to go back right away, we volunteered.  We got $425 credit per ticket and another day in California.  We decided to go to the ocean.  It was only 10 miles from San Luis Obispo, but the temperature was 30 degrees less.  We went from 106 to 76 degrees in 10 miles.  Amazing!!!  We were so happy with the cooler weather.  We stayed at the Vespera ON OCEAN hotel.  It was right on the ocean and really nice.  The city of Pismo Beach is a lovely beach town.  John and I recommend a visit.

We love the beach!

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