Settling In

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After the fiasco with moving into our first campground, life in the BAT Cave was everything we envisioned.  Well, except for a few minor issues.  For one thing, there is a lot less room than we thought!  We purged a LOT from our house.  We got rid of everything and only kept maybe a small iota of stuff.  Also, we had that huge storage in the RV under the bed.  I thought... a perfect place to store my shoes.  Girls and shoes just go together!  Unfortunately, after we unpacked everything, we realized we had a lot less room than we thought.  We had to do a 2nd purge!  There goes my shoes.  🙁

We finally found space for what we actually needed and started getting into the mindset of being "full-time" RVers.  The Lake Texoma RV Campground was really nice. The sites were spaced far apart so it didn't feel like we were right on top of each other.  The dogs did great acclimating to living in an RV.  They were also great travel dogs after driving 2 1/2 hours from the dealership in Lawton to the campground on Lake Texoma.  Zack came up to visit us and we had a nice time with him there.  We didn't see the lake from the campground, but John and Zack still managed to rent WaveRunners and enjoyed being on the water.  We were there 3 nights and it was the perfect amount of time to get used to RV living.

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