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Now that I'm officially retired from Southwest and didn't need to be close to the office, we decided to stay at a Thousand Trails park since we bought a membership specifically to save money.  We still wanted to be close to the Dallas area so we chose the Bay Landing RV Campground in Bridgeport.  It's about an hour west of Ft. Worth.  The campground can't compare to Flower Mound or Grapevine with the water views, but there aren't many people here so we have a bit of privacy.

The main thing is we backed into our spot all on our own!  Granted, it was because there was a lot of space so we had room to maneuver all we wanted.  But whatever... I'll take it.  We backed in all on our own!  I call it a success!


So much room to practice!


Panda, checking things out.

The campground had a little surprise though.  The back of the sites were very green with bushes and trees.  We discovered that each site had a little trail.  We followed the trail and it led to Lake Bridgeport.  We'll have to make sure to go down to view the sunsets on the lake.  I'm sure they're very beautiful.

This is interesting. I wonder where it leads to.


Ooh... pretty!


Very nice!

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  1. Yay, look at that! Backed it right in!! I knew you two would do it.

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