Sweet Segovia & Trusty Toledo

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Back to our regular scheduled program. Today was another long bus tour to Segovia and Toledo. Segovia is a historic old town with a Roman Aqueduct. It’s amazing what people centuries ago can construct without any of our modern tools!

Segovia even had its own fairytale castle. It actually served as one of the templates for Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle.

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This is where Rupunzel let down her golden hair.
Segovia was a lovely medieval city. Can’t you just see the knights in their shining armors riding their horses on these narrow streets? How interesting that these old medieval towns also have McDonald’s. John had to have a McBeer with his Big Mac.
After lunch, we traveled on to Toledo. Yet another beautiful Medieval town. Toldedo was built on a hill which was a good system for defense. They can see anyone coming for battle.

Every medieval town has to have a castle…

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Toledo had a beautiful cathedral. It was built in the gothic style and was very impressive. Every where you turned in there was a picture perfect moment. These pictures cannot do it justice.

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We got back to Madrid in the early evening. We went to a restaurant close to our hotel called Goiko Grill. Why is it that in a restaurant full of empty tables, someone has to sit in the table right next to your’s???
John couldn’t get his fill of burgers today. He ordered a burger they named the Pigma Burger. Here he is enjoying it.
I had a big mound of nachos.

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