The Rock of Gibraltar Experience

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Today, we experienced the Rock of Gibraltar. We didn't know what to expect. We thought it was just a big rock jutting out of the ocean. Apparently, it’s a whole city in a different country. Gibraltar is part of England. Who knew? We had to actually go through customs. Gibraltar is not very big. It’s only 3 miles long and 3/4 miles wide. But it is chock full of condos. Our first part of the tour was a city tour. Beautiful views of the ocean from all parts. You could actually see Africa and Spain from Gibraltar.
What’s amazing about Gibraltar is that their fresh water supply actually comes from desalination. This is the output from that process.
This fancy building is a public restroom.
Then we stopped at St. Michael’s Cave. It was really beautiful and lighted up with different colors. It also appeared that they had concerts there. I bet the acoustics are amazing!
Gibraltar has a troop of monkeys. There is a colony of about 250-300 of them. They were so cute!
When we first got off the bus in Gibraltar, the tour guides took our pictures. Little did we know that they put them on little plates so we could buy them as souvenirs. But why did they have to put mine on display???
After we got back to Malaga, we went to dinner at an outside eatery. I had clams and John had steaks. We both left happy.
After dinner, we took a stroll around Old Town. It reminded us of The Shops of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas... but way more authentic.

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