The white villages of Frigiliana & El Acebuchal

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Today we took a tour to Frigiliana & El Acebuchal. John and I love going in the off season. Although, we booked a group tour, we were the only ones there so it was basically a private tour. It was great. Our first stop was Frigiliana. Such a beautiful white village on the side of a mountain with spectacular views of the sea.
This little guy was so cute looking at us from the rooftop.

Click on the picture below to see the full photo album.

Then we drove to El Acebuchal, the lost city. It is a village where time stood still. It was abandoned until 1998 where the last man alive who was born there wanted to rebuild it. Now it’s a beautiful and peaceful little village hidden in the mountains.
Our guide drove us down this dirt road deep into the mountains. John and I were wondering if he was taking us to the cartels. Then we came upon this... a beautiful oasis!
We came upon a little village with white buildings and we were enchanted. We walked around, had a glass of wine and enjoyed the peacefulness of being remote.
This was our last tour in the Andalusia region. We leave tomorrow back to Madrid for the night. We love the South of Spain. John and I can see ourselves living there for a few months. Goodbye, Málaga… until we meet again!

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